Offshore Security

Protection of offshore operations has become crucial for many years because of the huge investments that go into offshore operations such as gas and oil installations. Previously, calls to enhance offshore security were viewed as unwarranted, but this opinion has since changed after the 911 terrorist attacks that hit the U.S.

Therefore, safeguarding offshore territories against both internal and external threats has become an important task for many states, especially states that have massive offshore oil and gas resources and other resources that need high-scale security. The significant position occupied by oil and gas in the world economy makes offshore security a crucial aspect for many countries across the world bearing in mind the global energy concerns. This has made offshore security critical than ever before. Law enforcement videos are essential in ensuring offshore security.

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Although there are many threats, unlawful interference with offshore activities is the most serious of all them. Therefore, any activity that is aimed at disrupting offshore installations and resources are considered offshore insecurity. Offshore threats can be categorized into several groups and criteria. Based on geographical criteria, offshore security threats may be classified as local, transnational, regional, global, or national. Internal or external groups or individuals may wage such attacks. This article discusses some of the offshore security threats that face many states today and the target groups that wage such threats with a view to disrupt operations.


Terrorism has become a world phenomenon and governments are doing all they can to tame the perpetrators and secure their offshore their offshore operations, including oil and gas installations. As a way of securing offshore operations, there is the need to install effective security mechanisms that can guarantee the security of the personnel and the assets installed in offshore areas. This will not only secure the operations, but also help improve the returns from offshore operations.


On a large scale, insurgency is politically motivated and activities arising from insurgency often cause damage to property and loss of lives. According to the recent studies, insurgency accounts for about one-third of all the attacks and insecurity relating to offshore installations. Because of the high stakes in offshore operations, insurgents have continued to wage war aimed at destructing offshore operations with a view of making their voices known. For these reasons, political insurgency has necessitated the installation of offshore security to safeguard property and lives of professionals working on such operations.

Offshore attacks are not new phenomena and studies show that offshore insecurity is dated 100 years back at the shores of Santa Barbara, California. However, the rate of offshore attacks has been increasing steadily over the years with a survey showing that about 50 attacks have been recorded over the past 25 years. Different perpetrators all with different objectives and missions have carried out these attacks. Perpetrators include criminal syndicates, insurgents, anti-oil activists among other groups and individuals. If you are looking for the most efficient and up-to-date security offshore software and equipment, you should research the best security firm.